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About us

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Ambani fashion jewellery pvt ltd has gained prominence as exporter of Imitation fashion jewellery and incorporated in 2011 under companies act Of india. Our sincerity,dedication & honesty takes us round the globe and we Put our footprints at every corner of the map. Building our business from India,now we are in parts of the country usa, uk, australi, canada & whole Asia. Our customers chain is widespread everywhere and our milestone is to Reach every people in the world through our quality of service. As of Manufacturers & wholesalers our price is very compromising & competitive In the market and we help other retailers to do business in their own Segments. We are the top most player in the Imitation Fashion Jewellery Industry in Kolkata in areas of American Diamond Jewellery Set, Bridal Set, Bangles, Bracelet, Necklace, Pendant Set, Earrings, Finger Rings, Kundan Set, Jadau Set, Mangalsutre, Maang Tika, Nath and other jewellery items. We are not deals in any single items, we promote you to sell our products. We are the manufacturers & wholesalers & exporters and we deals with many resellers who do their business online or from their home. Currently based in Kolkata as a physical location but we serve customers all over world through video call shopping and customers trust is the key ingredients of our success.








Jewellery has always been more than a piece of adornment for women. It has been a form of self-expression. Growing up in a modernized culture, Indian women still hold their history of timelessness and infinite beauty. Being in touch with her roots of beauty enhancements and the dreams of enchantments are growing since the start of time and is neverending soon. Blurring the lines between Modern and Tradition Niscka showcases the best of Traditional Jewellery which a woman can embrace through her creative expression of attire and jewellery.


Creativity and Growth: We follow creativity at its peak. We believe in giving importance and our time to things which have a growth parameter. Creativity should be evolving with time to get the best version of what we desire. Commitment: Our commitment to our customers is to provide the best quality jewellery with good pricing with numerous discounts. We constantly strive to provide you with exceptional service that keeps you happy and satisfied. Transparency and Accuracy: We deliver you the products as shown in the pictures. Their size, materials and features are published on the website as it is. We do not believe in discrepancies nor encourage them. Researched Products: Our products are thoroughly researched based. We gather information about different designs which are followed in every region of the country and sell accordingly.


We wish our audience to enjoy our services and products as much as we enjoy bringing them to you. Our motto is to lead you to admire Niscka every day for the pleasures and value it for a lifetime.

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